eSolutions Benchmarking

SNG’s eSolutions Benchmarking (eSB) has been deployed across the United States to help states determine not only where they are, but develop strategies to leverage and capitalize on the economic opportunities of broadband.

The strategies developed and deployed from the eSolutions Benchmarking process have assisted states and regions allocate the right resources to overcome challenges that once limited  economic and social development.

As the core of every eSB initiative, SNG goes beyond simply measuring availability to understand the current state of meaningful use and how, together, we can make a real economic impact and increase broadband’s impact.

The eSB is the basis for a region to drive meaningful use and formulate strategies. Does your community need better broadband? Is your region’s infrastructure meeting the needs of government, businesses, and households? How can you maximize the outcomes from your broadband investments? SNG helps you uncover all of this.




Each and every eSB initiative includes a full report, an eStrategy go-forward report, and access to your data through the DEAP (see below).










Digital Economy Analytics Platform (DEAP)

The easier it is for our clients and their stakeholder groups to gain intelligence from their data, the more value that data has for them. This is why SNG has invested in the Digital Economy Analytics Platform.

Our Digital Economy Analytics Platform puts all the data from SNG’s in-depth analysis reports at your fingertips in a secure Web-based tool, allowing you to run your own queries and reports. Identify where, how, and by whom broadband is being used to uncover gaps and opportunities to be addressed, comparing regions and industry sectors to uncover actionable information and insights. Broadband utilization and its measurable impacts can quickly be assessed along multiple dimensions of geography, user characteristics, and Internet technologies to identify where broadband is being used to greater or lesser effect.