Economic Development Agencies

For nearly two decades Strategic Networks Group has been helping governments at municipal, regional and national levels to best understand where investment will make the biggest impact. Our services include:

  • Innovative research solutions for the right decisions – SNG has proprietary methodologies and survey tools enabling us to collect comprehensive information for your region through eSolutions Benchmarking.
  • Turning research from data into strategies – SNG has the experience to not only understand the broadband application needs of your community, but the ability to compare results in our database of global broadband initiatives, enabling us to forecast local impacts (economic and social), predict where success is most likely, and provide a roadmap to get there. You’ll find in-depth insights in SNG’s eStrategy reports.
  • Economic insights to create growth and advancement. While more and faster networks are being built, a significant “understanding gap” exists amongst businesses and organizations on how to capitalize on the new infrastructure. SNG provides organizations with the knowledge to thrive and capitalize on online opportunities for sales growth and business efficiencies as part of our Small Business Growth Program.

Broadband’s power for communities is driving social and economic advancement.  Merely building faster, more robust networks does not ensure meaningful use. in fact, there are numerous communities SNG has surveyed that have networks 10x as fast as a “standard” network with no measurable economic impact due to low utilization.

eSolutions Benchmarking (eSB)

Data collectionSNG’s eSolutions Benchmarking is a proven, time-tested assessment/survey in your community to gather microeconomic data directly from thousands of businesses, organizations and households in your region. SNG’s eSolutions Benchmarking (eSB) has been deployed in more than a dozen states. When comparing SNG’s eSB to a standard market survey, think of it as the difference between a full body scan and opening your mouth to say “ahhhh.”

The eSB measures the most relevant information for economic development: utilization. Without this actual usage data, you don’t have the power to help your constituents (households, businesses, wanna-be entrepreneurs) “connect the dots” between the theory that better broadband is “good” and the applications and opportunities that capitalize on good broadband.




formaplansStrategy Report

The eStrategy Report is delivered to your community to take the findings from eSolutions Benchmarking and translate insights into action. SNG’s extensive analysis will reveal the “current state” of broadband and the untapped potential impact for your local economy. We identify the gaps that need to be filled and a go-forward strategy for regional economic development.


Small Business Growth Program

Small Business Growth Program LogoAs businesses and communities look for ways to compete and flourish in a global economy, the Internet has the potential to be transformative – if used effectively.

SBGP numbersUnfortunately, a majority of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t understand what they could be doing online to grow.

SNG’s Small Business Growth Program shows SMEs SMBs the business the potential growth and cost savings that using Internet applications can bring. The program’s foundation is SNG’s years of measuring Internet utilization impacts as well as the tens of thousands of businesses across the US that have reported their own impacts.




DEi Scorecards

Example DEiAvailable with the eSB and a standard component of the Small Business Growth Program (SBGP), the Digital Economy index (DEi) Scorecard aids economic development professionals show businesses where there is untapped growth potential. The scorecard is proven to increase utilization and with it drive economic activity, growth, and job opportunities.

The DEi Scorecard compares a business’ current state (obtained through a survey assessment) to the answers from peers to the same survey across the nation. 

SNG’s database includes more than 70,000 records of individuals/businesses reporting their economic impact from broadband and Internet application use.  This means, for example, that if a local manufacturer participates in SNG’s Small Business Growth Program by taking the survey/assessment they receive actual recommendations with an anticipated annual ROI based on peers’ results.