Developing Policies That Help Communities

Effective broadband research empowers strategies and policies that help communities… using fact-based evidence.

States and regions that are actively developing policies and programs to assist communities in addressing their broadband needs can benefit from current and relevant research. Many states have undertaken research on broadband availability in recent years and many continue to maintain broadband availability maps and other related information.

States have a role in addressing broadband availability gaps and some are investing in broadband infrastructure and programming. Whether or not states or regions are actively investing in broadband initiatives, they typically have an interest in developing broadband policies as well as programs that will ensure that broadband is effectively leveraged for social benefits and economic growth. These worthy goals go beyond broadband availability and need to be informed by a evidence-based understanding of the behaviors and needs of citizens, businesses, and other organizations and institutions. Ultimately it is what people can and will do with broadband that delivers the desired impacts.

Informing policies and programs

Much effort has been devoted to addressing broadband availability issues, including establishing regulatory policies and investment or funding programs. While this is needed, much less attention is typically given to ensuring that the full potential of broadband is realized for states or regions. While understanding the current state of broadband availability is essential, understanding the current state of how broadband is used as well as the needs and barriers for its use is equally essential. See how the State of Tennessee assessed their state of broadband

Having fact-based research that benchmarks the needs and uses of broadband directly from citizens and businesses can clearly identify the gaps and opportunities to fully realize the potential of broadband availability efforts. Policies and programs can be better defined with a clear purpose to address the gaps and leverage the opportunities and be more effectively targeted using fact-based evidence. In addition, establishing a benchmark provides a reference base against which to measure results and impacts of policies and programs over time.

What do you need to know?

Through SNG’s research of best practices on broadband benchmarking around the globe as well of our years of experience in conducting such research, we have defined an extensive range of metrics to measure:

  • Utilization – How citizens and businesses are currently using or plan to use broadband.
  • Drivers – The importance of factors that motivate broadband utilization.
  • Barriers – The importance of factors that inhibit or prevent effective broadband utilization.
  • Benefits – The importance of broadband for creating positive impacts for users.
  • Impacts – The quantification of benefits realized by businesses and households.
  • Profile – Information about user characteristics and their Internet connectivity.

Armed with this fact-based research and in depth analysis states and regions are empowered to develop policies and programs from a solid understanding of:

  • Current state of broadband use by market segments (demographics, industries, etc.)
  • Economic impacts already achieved from investing in broadband
  • Potential economic benefits to be realized from increasing adoption and utilization
  • Gaps and opportunities by sectors and locations
  • Future broadband needs
  • Need for awareness and adoption programs

When coupled with broadband availability research this information enables a truly holistic approach for developing effective policies and programs.

Research broadband uses and needs

Get a fact-based benchmark of broadband uses, needs, gaps and opportunities for more effective policies and programs.

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Take a holistic approach

Coupling research on broadband uses, needs, gaps and opportunities with needed broadband investment provides the complete picture.

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