Digital Economy index (DEi)

How does your business compare to the competition? What are other organizations doing to better leverage broadband? What are the benefits of broadband that individuals should be leveraging? SNG’s Digital Economy Index (DEi) answers these questions for individual businesses, organizations, and households – the end-users of a broadband network.

SNG’s DEi Scorecard is an assessment tool that is targeted at end-users, drawing on information from their own self-assessment and then comparing it against our database of 16,000 businesses and organizations and 12,000 households. End-users can see where they stand by taking a short survey and comparing where they are, versus where they need to be in order to be competitive. SNG will provide not only a DEi Scorecard, but access to SNG’s proprietary DEi Impact Calculator that shows the impact that adoption of specific e-solutions can have on the bottom line.

The DEi provides a roadmap of practices and e-solutions for individuals and organizations to develop their own broadband adoption plan (and economic growth path) with actionable insights into how utilization of e-solutions can increase efficiencies, innovation, and profitability.

DEi Impact Calculator

The DEi Calculator helps quantify the benefits of the e-solutions your business is currently leveraging….

…And helps show you the additional benefits adopting new e-solutions would have on your organization.

Why an Index Like the DEi?

Economic success for business depends on being an effective, productive member in the digital economy. Working smarter, not harder is the key to economic success in the 21st century for businesses and organizations. For organizations within the states SNG serves, we provide very powerful tools for them to uncover their digital path to economic growth.

SNG’s Digital Economy index (DEi) Scorecard and online DEi Impact Calculator gives end-users the power and insights of years of SNG’s broadband research. Users can quickly identify ways to be more effective, productive, and competitive by leveraging broadband by comparing themselves against the tens of thousands of their peers in SNG’s database. They see, very plainly, the impacts that maximizing their use broadband will have on their own prosperity.

What’s your broadband IQ? Find out with the DEi Impact Calculator.

The DEi Scorecard and DEi Impact Calculator are excellent tools to help drive utilization of e-solutions, of utmost interest to:

  • Carriers looking for new subscribers or current subscribers to upgrade to fiber
  • Economic development agencies looking to give their constituents a roadmap to maintain and grow their business using broadband
  • Broadband project managers looking to drive uptake and use of their ultra-fast broadband network

For more information, download the DEi informational sheet.