DEi Scorecards

scorelogoBusinesses who receive a Digital Economy index (DEi) Scorecard see a comparison of their current level of Internet use to peer organizations (size and industry). This one-of-a-kind tool to help drive meaningful use also identifies the top three Internet applications peers are using that the business is not that can and should be used to drive new revenues and/or cost savings.

Generated through SNG’s online assessment tool, the DEi Scorecard is a confidential, one-page report delivered to every business and organization that participates in a Small Business Growth Program. The scorecard includes a DEi score ranking the business’ Internet utilization with that of their peers. Included recommendations are based on industry averages collected by SNG, the quantified impact in terms of revenues and cost savings these tools would have if they were implemented.



oneThe DEi Score is based on the current Internet-enabled applications that the business is using. This score can be improved by implementing the Small Business Growth Program.

twoThe DEi Scorecard identifies the top three Internet tools and strategies for this business to yield significant revenues and/or cost savings from Internet applications.

threeThe DEi Scorecard gives your contact details.


Click here to see example DEi Scorecards generated from completed Business Assessments in North Carolina and Nebraska.