SNG’s Analysis Featured in Broadband Communities Magazine

SNG Examines the Economic Impacts of a Locally Owned Network

In advance of SNG’s announcement next month of an exciting new offering called the Broadband Benefits Assessment, SNG’s analysis was featured in the pre-Broadband Summit issue of Broadband Communities.  Included in Michael Curri’s article, “A Local Ownership Approach to Broadband” is a deep dive on a case example (Ammon, ID) and the benefits.  It’s a deep dive to explain how a locally owned network can pay for itself, saving the municipality, businesses, and households money
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This article is based on the cost and benefits a locally owned network would bring. This resulted in a report that’s the application of SNG’s Broadband Benefits Assessment – a process SNG offers as an alternative to longer and more costly feasibility studies. It’s a preliminary step to inform and develop a plan for local broadband investment.





The Broadband Benefits Assessment includes:

  • Estimate of network investment
  • Potential municipal cost reductions compared to existing broadband costs.
  • Cost benefits for community anchor institutions (schools, libraries, hospitals, government buildings).
  • Cost savings for households and the accompanying consumer surplus for local spending.
  • Economic growth from increased business competitiveness and productivity.

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Read Ammon, Idaho’s Broadband Benefits Assessment

Any community considering taking its broadband future into its own hands needs to understand and quantify the financial benefits such an investment would require – and if cost savings alone actually help a community pay for a network.

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