About SNG

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Strategic Networks Group (SNG) brings together industry experts and specialists to help communities and regions address the economic, social, and connectivity challenges of enhanced essential services (smart city technologies) and digital infrastructure.

Today SNG is globally recognized as the leader in helping clients understand and drive economic and community benefits from investing in digital infrastructure and smart city initiatives. We work with communities and regions across North America and internationally, as well as federal government agencies, utilities, and economic and regional development agencies.


SNG is recognized as the world leader in the econometrics of digital infrastructure and maximizing the benefits from online applications (which include smart city, smart neighborhood services). Applying our proven methodologies (e.g. Digital Economy Benchmarking) across the globe, we help countries, states, counties, and municipalities maximize the impacts of digital infrastructure investments.


Our vision is that digital infrastructure is platform for smart city services, local innovation, and community vitality. By taking a longer-term, community-benefits approach to investing in infrastructure, next generation connectivity can be made available ubiquitously and affordably – at SNG we call this the economic case for investing in digital infrastructure.


Our mission is to help communities and regions understand the local economic growth opportunities and quality of life improvements enabled by meaningful use of digital infrastructure and smart city services. With the empirical evidence that SNG collects and actionable intelligence for planning we develop for communities and regions, we help our clients make evidence-based decisions, build buy-in, and start a process that plans for outcomes and engages the community and its providers to:

  • Address gaps in digital infrastructure availability and use without raising taxes, nor taking on unsustainable debt;
  • Grow the market for digital infrastructure and drive network sustainability by driving demand for smart city and online business applications; and,
  • Identify opportunities to implement enhanced essential services (smart city / neighborhood services, ehealth, elearning, AI-based security solutions, transportation technology, IoT initiatives, etc.) that pay for themselves and enhance local quality of life.

“SNG’s Research and Report helped lay the foundation for the passage of the Broadband Accessibility Act to deregulate, invest, and educate to increase broadband access and adoption in Tennessee.”
– Amanda Martin, Director, State of Tennessee Broadband Office

Our Values

  • Everything we do is focused on delivering client value and achieving sustainable outcomes.
  • We’re flexible, recognizing our clients have different needs and goals.
  • Our work provides evidence-based insights and solutions that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Our methods and tools help lead our clients to sustainable solutions for their region’s economic advancement and quality of life improvements.

Our Philosophy

While connectivity is essential, SNG’s research shows that  adoption and utilization is what drives economic growth. Smart use of online applications and  smart city  services – what we call e-solutions – is the fundamental driver in network sustainability. SNG’s holistic approach helps communities and regions better ensure that digital infrastructure and enhanced essential services deliver the promised economic and social benefits.

By quantifying the economic and community benefits from investments in digital infrastructure and online services, our clients have empirical evidence to build consensus on gaps that need to be addressed and make the case for investments, especially where there is not enough of a business case for the private sector to invest.

The “build it and they will come” approach doesn’t work for maximizing digital infrastrastructure investments. Without utilization, investments are less likely to achieve the expected community benefits. Proponents of broadband need to the tools and resources SNG provides to drive utilization. Understanding who is using broadband most effectively helps bring best practices and evangelists to the forefront to help motivate broadband’s late adopters.

Our Approach

Ubiquitous affordable digital infrastructure is essential for the effective participation of businesses and citizens in a digital world, creating a platform for innovation that brings economic and social benefits to a region. Communities need to take ownership of their broadband strategies to ensure their economic sustainability and future success.  And these strategies need to look beyond availability. 

Our unique approach is that we start with end users and the demand side of digital infrastructure and smart city services. We ask what can and should local businesses, organizations, and citizens be doing online to be more competitive and to better access services. Most importantly, these investments are necessary to staying relevant in an increasingly digital economy. If you’re not online, less and less will you be found or be able to participate in a digital world. The smart city and connectivity challenges communities and regions face can be overcome and we do that by addressing demand drivers and personalizing the value of digital infrastructure and smart city services to individual businesses, organizations, and citizens.

SNG’s goal is to help communities get the digital infrastructure they need and get the most out of the broadband they have.