About SNG

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Strategic Networks Group (SNG) brings together industry experts and specialists to help communities uncover the transformative power of technology investment.

Today SNG is now the world leader of broadband econometrics, applying our working knowledge of broadband across the globe to help countries, states, counties, and municipalities maximize the impacts of broadband investments. Communities rely on our tools, unmatched database, and leadership to harness and maximize impacts that broadband can bring businesses and regions.


SNG’s one-of-a-kind solutions measure and analyze broadband use at the individual organization and household level. States and small communities alike have relied on our best-of-breed online usage assessments. SNG uses research findings to develop economic advancing strategies and provide one-to-one guidance for individual businesses to learn how to grow utilizing broadband. And – of course – with each individual business’ growth comes economic growth for the community for which it resides.



SNG drives economic development and increases network sustainability through broadband utilization.


SNG’s mission is to drive economic development and increases network sustainability through broadband utilization. We look beyond availability and provide critical insights for strategies that maximize economic benefits from broadband investments.


Our Values

  • Everything we do is focused on delivering client value.
  • We’re flexible, recognizing our clients have different needs and goals.
  • Our work provides evidence-based insights and research that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Our tools help lead our clients to self-sustainable practices and solutions for their region’s economic advancement.

Our Philosophy

While availability is key, SNG’s research shows that broadband adoption and utilization is what drives economic growth. Smart use of Internet applications – what we call e-solutions – is the fundamental driver in network sustainability. SNG’s tools and services help to “connect the dots” through data to help define investment strategies for e-solutions. SNG’s holistic approach helps communities and regions better ensure that broadband delivers the promised economic and social benefits.

The “build it and they will come” approach doesn’t work for maximizing broadband investments. Without utilization, investments are less likely to generate community benefits. Proponents of broadband need to the tools and resources SNG provides to drive utilization. Understanding who is using broadband most effectively helps bring best practices and evangelists to the forefront to help motivate broadband’s late adopters.

Broadband infrastructure is essential for the effective participation of businesses and organizations in today (and tomorrow’s) economy, creating a platform for innovation that brings economic and social benefits to a region and its citizens. Communities need to take ownership of their broadband strategies to ensure their economic sustainability and future success.  And these strategies need to look beyond availability.