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SNG’s Ammon Analysis Featured in Broadband Communities Magazine

In advance of SNG’s announcement next month of an exciting new offering called the Broadband Benefits Assessment, SNG’s analysis was featured in the pre-Broadband Summit issue of Broadband Communities.  The Ammon assessment is featured in Michael Curri’s article, “A Local Ownership Approach to Broadband.” SNG takes a deep dive to explain how this unique new model pays for itself, saves the municipality, businesses, and households money, and pays for itself. 
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The Ammon report is the application of SNG’s Broadband Benefits Assessment is a process SNG offers as an alternative to longer and more costly feasibility studies. It’s a preliminary step to inform and develop a plan for local broadband investment.






The Broadband Benefits Assessment includes:

  • Estimate of network investment
  • Potential municipal cost reductions compared to existing broadband costs.
  • Cost benefits for community anchor institutions (schools, libraries, hospitals, government buildings).
  • Cost savings for households and the accompanying consumer surplus for local spending.
  • Economic growth from increased business competitiveness and productivity.

Read Ammon, Idaho’s Broadband Benefits Assessment

Any community considering taking its broadband future into its own hands needs to understand and quantify the financial benefits such an investment would require – and if cost savings alone actually help a community pay for a network.

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