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NGN Selects SNG To Help Drive Uptake

North Georgia Network Asks SNG to Help Demonstrate Value of Upgrading to Ultra-Fast Broadband

As ARRA pioneer North Georgia Network (NGN) is nearing completion, they’ve found themselves faced with the age-old technology challenge – getting people to understand the value and adopt the new technology. It’s a common mistake for network operators to assume that their market will see broadband as a utility… a no brainer that will see automatic uptake… the “build it and they will come” camp. What this group misses is that better/faster Internet service is an UPGRADE for most – an audience of households, businesses, and organizations that may be “under” served, but not UNserved.

NGNAll this to say – NGN recognizes the need to make a compelling case to move from current broadband service to the ultra-fast fiber service NGN is now offering. With this recognition, NGN looked for a partner to help drive adoption and uptake, selecting SNG, our proprietary solutions and unparalled research database to help deliver a compelling business case for businesses and organizations to move to a more robust broadband service.

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Public Investment in Broadband – a Balancing Act

by John de Ridder
balanceLast year, we discussed how North Carolina and Tennessee were putting a stop to public broadband investment competing with private investment[i]. Meanwhile at the other extreme, the Australian Government is making a massive public investment in a national fiber access network (the NBN). SNG’s new white paper, EU Guidelines for Public Investment in Broadband, reviews the rules proposed in Europe (EU)[ii] for a more sensible division of roles between private and public investment in broadband.

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