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Strategic Networks Group (SNG) brings global experience and specialization in broadband economics, while working with local stakeholders to build regional knowledge and capacity.  The following are quotes from some of our clients:


“North Carolina has access to Strategic Network Group’s world-class solution set to analyze broadband utilization and its impacts. SNG provides e-NC a strategic advantage to support North Carolina communities’ regional economic development efforts.”

                                                                                            – Jane Smith Patterson, Executive Director of e-NC

 “A detailed look at how businesses and other organizations use broadband is essential to developing strategies to help the Internet contribute to productivity. The Strategic Network Group’s analysis provides insight for different kinds of businesses & organizations in different regions to help Illinois get the most out of high-speed connectivity.”

– John Horrigan, Research Director at Broadband Illinois,

 “With SNG’s business development program, we’re able to show businesses what they should be doing online, the business case in terms of ROI for doing so, and a path forward.  Most importantly, this unique program assists businesses in the decision making process on where they should focus their valuable time.”

–  Jim Keeler, Business Broadband Manager, University of Nebraska, Ag Economics Department

“SNG provided valuable information on broadband usage by Nebraska businesses and allowed for a state and nationwide comparison. The benchmark data has informed the State’s broadband plan, revealed successes and identified how businesses could increase their economic viability by more effectively using broadband technologies.”

–    Charlotte Narjes, University of Nebraska, Ag Econ  Department