A New Way to Drive Uptake and Benefits for Businesses

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For New York’s Southern Tier Network (STN), the more businesses that comprehend, and internalize the business benefits of broadband, the greater demand for their network and its high speed and capacity.

SNG is working with local economic development agencies to drive uptake of the network and growth of local businesses through the Small Business Growth Program. The SBGP is delivered through an online portal and is designed to help individual businesses take the specific steps they need to maximize broadband’s benefits for growth. The program provides a beginning-to-end package of services needed to make individual businesses and communities more globally competitive.

Ultimately, the STN and local economic development organizations have common interests – to drive broadband utilization by businesses. More specifically:

  • Move businesses to better broadband connectivity by raising awareness with businesses about the benefits of better broadband and being online
  • Drive local economic growth and development by encouraging greater broadband utilization
  • Increase the Southern Tier Network’s viability and sustainability
  • Obtain a baseline of the current state business use of broadband throughout the region, to enable the measuring of impacts.

Expected Outcomes

The SBGP will provide Southern Tier Network a strategic value-based Small Business Growth Programsolution to offer SME businesses, which will drive uptake and reduce churn. The program will provide suggestions for target SME prospects and customers to generate additional revenue and achieve cost savings, so the benefit remains and can even increase over time. SNG has quantifiable data to show the benefits from businesses adopting new practices such as marketing and selling online, working remotely, utilizing cloud computing, offering additional services online, as well as other broadband-enabled practices that generate additional revenue and benefit from cost reductions.

Small Business Growth Program Overview

sng-logo-final-with-tagSNG aims to help communities make the most broad-reaching and transformational impacts that broadband can bring to enable businesses, communities and regions to better utilize Internet applications and maximize broadband’s potential.
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