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Did you know that increasing your Internet use just a little bit could have massive bottom line implications for your business?

Extensive research conducted by SNG amongst businesses across the US shows that on average and across all industries, SMEs deploying just one additional revenue-generating Internet practice can increase their revenues by as much as 18%. The benefits don’t stop there as streamlining just one process with online tools can drive cost savings as high as 5%.

What are these applications, and how, specifically, can they improve your business?  Just how easy is it to succeed instead of fail?  Take thirty minutes to learn from your peers, capitalize on their success and avoid their missteps.

Main Messaging Targeting EcDev, SBDC Organizations

Grow Your Local Businesses at Internet Speed Driving meaningful use of Internet Applications with SNG’s Small Business Growth Program.

Give your local businesses a roadmap to success through smarter Internet utilization.

A modest uptick (10%) in utilizations produces:

  • Revenues surges averaging 24%
  • Organizational cost savings of 7%

Please note: SNG will assist in developing specific calls to action, depending on use.