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green-small-business-growth-programNAME – I wanted to drop you a quick note to enlist your help and offer you and your business members access to the Small Business Growth Program already purchased by the ORGANIZATION. 

In short, your local businesses have the opportunity to better understand how to increase sales and save money by improving efficiencies. How?  By measuring the use of Internet applications and comparing your member business to peers and competitors across the US. The Small Business Growth Program is especially helpful for small-to-medium businesses and helps build their online and technical capability.

Strategic Networks Group (SNG) has surveyed tens of thousands of businesses across the United States over the past few years alone, enabling them to provide direct industry and business size comparisons. If your member business is a manufacturer with 10 employees, SNG has measured their competitors’ Internet usage.

If your member business is in professional services, retail, or literally any other industry you can think of – SNG has data. So what?  This measurement reveals, on average, how a company can drive sales and lower costs just like their peers are doing.  Your competitors are doing X, resulting in Y revenue. Often companies that think certain Internet applications don’t apply to them or their industry find that they are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

You see, many companies that could have had the perspective that “the Internet can not really help my business,” have found tremendous financial benefits online. As an organization committed to helping its local businesses and driving economic impact, I urge you to encourage your members to take the assessment – after which they will receive a one page scorecard containing a business case for Internet utilization with the ROI numbers to help the decision making process as well as online tools and one-on-one coaching resources to help deploy revenue-generating applications. No one is trying to sell anyone anything here.

The ORGANIZATION realizes that increasing Internet application usage increases our region’s economic strength.  SNG’s research shows that merely increasing utilization among businesses by 10% results in an increase of revenues of 24% and a decrease in costs of 7%. Together we can grow our region at Internet speed.

Download  Sample Invitations to use with your membership.

Download  Small Business Growth Program Brochure for action steps for you and your members.