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ORGANIZATION is urging small and medium sized businesses to participate in a unique Small Business Growth Program sponsored by the Maryland Broadband Cooperative.

By taking a 20-30 minute BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK, businesses will receive recommendations and the expected ROI accompanying these recommendations.

On average and across all industries, small and medium sized businesses deploying just one additional revenue-generating Internet practice can their revenues by as much as 18%.  The benefits don’t stop there as streamlining just one process with online tools can drive cost savings as high as 5%.

“It’s funny,” said Doug Adams, VP, Communications for SNG, the provider of the program, “we tend to hear many excuses for not moving forward with Internet applications including:

It is not right for my business. These applications don’t really apply to my industry. I don’t have the time and/or money to address this right now. We depend on foot traffic so this doesn’t really matter.

While each company has an excuse before participating, they without exception find participating to be worthwhile.”

Taking the assessment provides recommendations that are based on actual businesses within each industry’s track record and results realized through Internet application deployment.  This is not guesswork, it is taking a company’s peers and competitors and revealing potential. Potential realized by other businesses but previously ignored.  Small Business Growth Program participants receive a personalized DEi Scorecard (Digital Economy Index Scorecard) with recommendations, online tools, and one-on-one coaching if desired.