States and Regions

Effective broadband policies, strategies, and programs need relevant data.

States, regions and other agencies and organizations focused on aiding community development need to develop policies or programs to enable the effective deployment and use of high-quality broadband. States in particular have a key role in establishing policies based on a strategic approach that recognizes the importance of broadband for economic growth and social equity.

Approximately half of American States have broadband offices that develop programs and/or collaborate with regions and other agencies to strategically drive for greater broadband availability as well as to leverage investments for positive outcomes. Ultimately, these broadband policies, strategies, and programs must benefit communities and their citizens, businesses, and institutions.

The development of effective and well-targeted policies and programs requires fact-based analysis to provide the necessary insights and intelligence – what’s the current situation, what and where are the gaps, and how do we address the needs and opportunities?

Where investment is being considered – whether in infrastructure or support programs – the costs and the economic returns on investment should also be assessed.

How We Help

SNG has decades of experience in gathering relevant data on broadband utilization and developing actionable insights on broadband impacts for users and the economy. In working with numerous states and regions, SNG has amassed a one-of-a-kind industry database that benchmarks hundreds of metrics on internet use and its benefits and impacts on households, businesses, and community institutions. Understanding the demand drivers for broadband, coupled with impacts and barriers, provides essential input to effective policies and well-targeted programs.

States and regions can benefit from SNG’s industry-leading practices to benchmark the current state of broadband use and clearly identify needs and issues that require focus and action, with research and analysis tailored to your goals. Where investment is also being considered we apply a “holistic approach” that assesses both the demand drivers and the supply-side needs.

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