Smart City Readiness

Are you ready to take on the smart city challenge?

Make sure with SNG’s Smart City Readiness Assessment

An increasing number of large cities have been taking advantage of digital infrastructure and other technologies to implement innovative solutions for the benefit of its citizens. These solutions are wide-ranging under the umbrella of smart city services and are driven by a number of factors – some urgent and immediate and others as part of a longer-term strategy that recognizes the inevitable changes in a digital world.

While there is no single smart city strategy that fits every community, a few things are clear:

  • Not just for large cities – Smart city solutions can benefit communities and regions of any size, depending on the need and sufficient scale to make an economic case to invest.
  • It is a collaborative effort – Smart city solutions benefit the entire community with all of its varied constituents and stakeholders, many of whom are implicit partners in defining and delivering the services.
  • Digital infrastructure is a key – Whatever network technologies are used they need to be ubiquitous and unconstrained to support the evolution of smart city applications – now and in the future.
  • Leadership is essential – Municipal leaders need to own the vision for their smart city and champion this across the whole community.

Whatever the scale of smart city implementation you may be considering, engaging and involving all constituents of your community will ensure that you are doing the right things at the right time in the right way for the right reasons. Engaging community stakeholders early gets this process started and ensures that you are ready to take the steps needed to succeed in achieving your goals.

SNG’s Smart City Readiness Assessment

SNG’s Smart City Readiness Assessment builds on our proven methodology and research of readiness success factors and applies this to smart city initiatives. The assessment is designed to be relevant and understandable by community stakeholders who are important to, or affected by, your smart city initiative, regardless of their background. You don’t need to be a technology expert to participate in the readiness assessment.

The purpose of the assessment is to gauge to what extent the community has taken the necessary steps to be ready for success. Different stakeholder participants may have different views or awareness in some areas and, in fact, that is what you need since they are all affected. The readiness assessment provides an objective, structured method to get everyone on the same page about what it takes to be ready and reveals areas where there is agreement – for better or worse – and areas where there may be a divergence of views.

The results of the assessment should be shared with all stakeholder participants to facilitate discussions of steps needed to be fully ready to take on the smart city challenges. This is one key step in the process of achieving successful outcomes for your community’s future.

Topics covered in the Smart City Readiness Assessment:

Leadership Commitment of community leadership through all stages of the project.
Vision and Plan Clarity of smart city vision and plan for the community
Organizational Stability Ability to follow through on a smart city initiative over the timeframe.
Community Awareness Awareness and support of citizens, businesses, and stakeholders.
Implementation Ability The availability of resource capacity to follow through.
Market Profile Understanding of the community of users and Smart City demand.
Technology Capacity Understanding of the state of existing technologies within organizations and across the community

These topics are organized into several distinct readiness criteria with plain language response options and can be completed online. Once all invited stakeholders have participated, the lead organization will receive a report with the results for each category that can be shared with participants to provide a framework for further discussion and collaboration.

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