Community Readiness

You have decided to own your broadband future – are you ready? Evaluating key readiness factors will ensure the success of your broadband initiatives.

Congratulations on deciding to own your broadband future and taking action for the benefit of your community! That takes leadership and vision. To turn that vision into reality you need clear goals, a strategy, and ultimately a plan. Whatever strategy and plan you choose to define to address your broadband needs, actually making it happen involves many others over time. Engaging stakeholders across your community to rally support and commitment contributes to the ultimate success of your broadband initiative.

Using extensive research and experience from many successful broadband projects SNG has distilled the success factors into useful metrics under six major categories.

Leadership Commitment of community leadership through all stages of the project.
Vision and Plan Clarity of broadband vision and plan for the community
Organizational Stability Ability to follow through on a broadband initiative over the timeframe.
Community Awareness Awareness and support of citizens, businesses, and stakeholders.
Implementation Ability The availability of resource capacity to follow through.
Market Profile Understanding of the community of users and broadband demand.

Objectively evaluating readiness can affirm strengths and reveal weaknesses that need to be addressed to ensure success. Engaging key community stakeholders in a readiness evaluation also uncovers different perspectives while involving those stakeholders in the process, leading to greater support and participation toward achieving your broadband goals.

While every community can go through this process on their own, SNG has applied our experience and methods to develop tools to facilitate the readiness evaluations. Our Community Broadband Readiness Self-Assessment is designed to easily engage community stakeholders in the process and provide a comprehensive readiness report to maximize your readiness and avoid unanticipated issues before they happen. Click here to view a sample readiness report. (need to have a past example report PDF to link to)

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