Broadband Benefits Assessment

The Broadband Benefits Assessment is a process SNG offers as an alternative to longer and more costly feasibility studies. It’s a preliminary step to inform and develop a plan for local broadband investment.

The Broadband Benefits Assessment does the hard work to uncover whether a community should invest by quantifying the benefits to be realized in the “what-if” scenario of a municipal network.  We investigate real community savings versus investment and as a value-add offer a forecast for the economic growth a new network could facilitate.

By quantifying the community benefits from broadband investments, a community return on investment (i.e. economic case for investing in broadband) can be assessed and compared to the expected costs to build the network. Where community benefits outweigh the network investment, local property owners and taxpayers can more clearly see the broadband gaps that need to be bridged and why public investment may be needed. With better information, decisions can be objectively made as to whether public investments will return greater community benefits.

The Broadband Benefits Assessment includes:

  • Estimate of network investment
  • Potential municipal cost reductions compared to existing broadband costs.
  • Cost benefits for community anchor institutions (schools, libraries, hospitals, government buildings).
  • Cost savings for households and the accompanying consumer surplus for local spending.
  • Economic growth from increased business competitiveness and productivity.

Read Ammon, Idaho’s Broadband Benefits Assessment

Any community considering taking its broadband future into its own hands needs to understand and quantify the financial benefits such an investment would require – and if cost savings alone actually help a community pay for a network.

SNG’s Broadband Benefits Assessment provides analysis and insights into the cost benefits as well as the flow-through economic impacts from enhanced business growth enabled by broadband. Municipalities that will benefit from the Broadband Benefits Assessment will be those that;

  1. Recognize that their current state of broadband quality, availability, or affordability is not meeting their needs.
  2. Understand that improving the current state of broadband is essential to the continued well-being and economic growth of their community.
  3. Are ready to take action and ownership of their broadband future, including the possibility of building municipal broadband infrastructure.

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