Analytics that work for you

Data-driven Analytics at the Core of What We Do

Municipalities and utilities that invest in broadband networks do so because they understand that it is essential infrastructure for the 21st century. Not having such infrastructure puts their communities at risk of falling behind. Without high-quality broadband, communities face reduced opportunities for citizens and decreasing relevance and competitiveness for local businesses.

Investing in broadband networks is a necessary step. However, that step alone does not ensure that a community will achieve the possible economic and quality of life benefits. These benefits are measurable, both before and after investments are made. The benefits and impacts of investments can be planned and managed only if they are measured. This is exactly what Strategic Networks Group has been doing for almost 20 years: we collect and analyze data from broadband users, transforming it into actionable intelligence.

To make the right decisions and develop effective action plans you need the right information. Empirical data is the foundation to any analysis, ensuring that you take the right actions and can measure results. In addition, despite significant broadband investments desired outcomes, such as addressing digital divides, are not necessarily achieved or achieved equitably. Without data you cannot know this nor can you act on it.

Some key questions to ask and answer:

  • How is broadband being used? By whom?
  • Can broadband be used in more impactful ways? Where are the gaps?
  • What possible reasons for the gaps can inform actions?
  • How do individual broadband users benefit?
  • What are the tangible, measurable community or regional impacts of using broadband? Can more be achieved?
  • What are the barriers to using broadband more? What is needed to overcome these barriers?

Putting the Right Data to Work

SNG has amassed an industry-unique database of more than 70,000 broadband users across North America (including statewide data for nine American states) and in Europe exploring exactly these questions. More importantly, this database has enabled the development of key insights and tools to drive local economic growth and realize community benefits from broadband.

The first step in any analysis is to assess the current state of broadband supply and use across the community or region. This a baseline allows SNG to identify gaps, opportunities, and barriers that need to be addressed. Analysis of benchmark data provides insights on how to address broadband issue, and SNG has developed proprietary tools and methodologies that apply our unique research to estimate the potential impacts and benefits of investing in broadband infrastructure and programming. Finally, ongoing measurement against the baseline enables evaluation of progress toward desired outcomes and the assessment of plans and programs to address the gaps. As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t (or don’t) measure.


SNG’s experience in data collection, benchmarking, and years of analysis ensures that you will have the right data and insights to make the right decisions at the right time. Our experience also enables us to conduct the data collection in a very cost-effective way with participation rates three to four times above the industry average.

SNG Solutions Put Your Data to Work

SNG offers a range of solutions for different client needs, whether you are a municipality just starting to explore how to improve your broadband status quo, a municipality, utility, or broadband provider looking to get more from your network investment, or a region or state government needing fact-based evidence to formulate strategies and programs. In all cases we strive to match our research and analytics to your unique needs and your data to provide optimum value. Making the results relevant to you and your needs is the only way to make it meaningful.

Economic Feasibility Assessment – Ideal for municipalities taking early steps toward establishing their own broadband infrastructure. The Economic Feasibility Assessment helps you get started and provides insights and analysis of how your efforts will pay off for your community in the long run. Our analysis goes well beyond the typical service provider business case financials to illustrate the real meaningful impact your investments can have on citizens, businesses, and your community overall.

Market Assessment and Economic Baseline – Municipalities and utilities that are planning or have already established a network need to ensure that it is both sustainable and delivers the desired social and economic outcomes. Sustainability of operations ensures that the network can grow and meet the needs of the community, so understanding community needs and demand for services is essential. In addition, knowing how the network is used and how you can influence these uses that delivers the benefits and impacts from your investment. The Market Assessment and Economic Baseline establishes your own data benchmark around demand and uses of broadband to inform your planning decisions and to assess how to get the most out of your network. Your own benchmark also provides the base for measuring progress and outcomes from your efforts.

Small Business Growth Program – Small businesses are the often-overlooked drivers of local economies, both through their own business activities and through the jobs they create as they grow. SNG research has shown that the more effectively businesses use broadband for online applications, the faster they grow by being more relevant, productive, and competitive. The Small Business Growth Program applies SNG analytics to show individual businesses what more they can do online, and why it matters to their bottom line, in a way that is relevant to them. We know that small businesses, as well as our clients, have many priorities, which is why the Small Business Growth Program includes valuable easy-to-use online tools to educate and assist businesses and help our clients stay on top of progress.

eSolutions Benchmarking – States and regions that understand the value of ubiquitous, quality broadband connectivity need the right data and analysis to get a clear picture of the current state of broadband and its use. Knowing where the gaps are and why, as well as the potential outcomes of closing those gaps, aids in creating effective strategies, plans, and programs. SNG has years of experience in working with state and regional-level clients to collect and analyze data cost-effectively and with above average participation rates.

Ultimately, all of these services share a common goal that is at the heart of what we do: help communities get the digital infrastructure they need and get the most out of the broadband they have.